What’s the rule again for what not to discuss over dinner?

No politics or religion?

Can we add sexual assault allegations to the list during these dark times?

I’ll pay you $10 if you DON’T see at least one article this holiday season about keeping opinions to yourself around the dinner table specifically about a person whose name rhymes with “Have-a-BLAH.”

But maybe these current events can be a turning point in dinner etiquette.

Maybe it’s an amazing idea to ask your date to lay out their thoughts on politics, religion and sexual assault before wasting time on a second date.

It certainly saved a lot of time for my friend Brianna who went on a first date with this guy Brett (LOL) last month.

Brett had a lot going for him already:

-He was a 37-year-old man living with his parents (LOL) and

-He tried to make out with her as she was eating food using the line, “your fork could be me.” (LOL)

But the best part?

“Yea, I don’t see what the big deal is with Kavanaugh,” he said. “I mean, he just felt up some chick at a party.”





That’s like a girl saying, ‘I don’t see what the big deal is with Lorena Bobbit. I mean, she only cut off the tip.”


In the first-date first impression, Brett failed to get enough votes for a second date.



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