It’s a known fact that people who are actual geniuses don’t normally have super genius people skills.

I mean, just ask an engineer.






Colin, this guy my friend Lindsey met at a bar, certainly fell into ‘genius with no genius people skills’ box 3-D print cube.

After exchanging names and making small talk, he didn’t mince words about himself.

“I’m a genius,” he said.


He wasn’t joking.

But how exactly was Colin a genius?

Did he get a perfect score on the SAT?

Was he on Jeopardy?

Did he actually make money off of Bitcoin??

“I got into college at LSU at the age of 13,” he said.


“You applied to college at age 13?” Lindsey asked.


“No, I got in because I’m a genius,” he said.


“Were you homeschooled or something?” Lindsey asked.

“No, I just was really smart!” Colin said. “I mean, how many people do you know got into college at age 13!”

Lindsey had never thought about it before (obviously). And she wasn’t convinced.

Unless Colin was a 13-year-old genius with an 18-year-old football player’s body (“definitely not,” Lindsey reported), LSU wouldn’t have even bothered.


Colin noticed her skepticism, so with his genius people skills, he pulled out his iPhone.

“DO YOU WANT TO CALL MY MOM?” he asked. (Reminder: they were at a bar.)

“My mom will tell you that I got into college at age 13.”


“Um…no,” Lindsey said.

“She will back me up, I can call her right now!” Colin said.


Lindsey said that it was OK, she believed him.

Like she also believed that he was an engineer.



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