It really is impressive/disgusting how light years ahead guys are in their cheating today—using technology even the most savvy millennial wouldn’t think of.

See, if you are a smart-shitty person, you can’t just cheat through your iPhone anymore.

There are too many time stamps, date stamps, clouds, backups, recoveries, screen shots (of butt shots), GPS capabilities, location backgrounds etc etc etc so you can’t get away with very much.

…And it’s also almost as if Facebook messenger WANTS your girlfriend to see your sexy messages to some other chick. It’s like a magnet.

(Thanks Mark Z.!!)

As such, guys have to go through other *creative* outlets to cheat on the down low.

I thought my friend’s ex who managed to send her a message through an old “Words With Friends” game was pretty creative.

To his current girlfriend: “Geez, babe, I’m just playing Scrabble, you are so paranoid!”

W-A-N-T- T-O H-A-V-E S-E-X L-A-T-E-R


But here’s a new one: Leon, this guy who lives with his girlfriend, makes Tumbler blog posts in order to flirt with his ex.

“What is A Tumblr?” – my mom

Good question!

Tumblr is Attention Deficit Disorder Anonymous a place where millions of people have personal blogs where they post very short text, pictures, quotes, links, videos and GIFs.

It’s like Facebook, only without the pesky business of needing to fill in your name or have any friends or accountability.

NORMALLY on Tumblr, you just search for things you’re into, such as the word “fall” or “cats” and you’ll see pictures of apples and assholes (respectively).


But Leon, instead of posting photos of fall, or cats, he posts flirty text messages to a private page that only his ex can see when she logs on to Tumblr.

It’s actually pretty genius; there’s no trail to his phone, it can be deleted immediately and if his actual girlfriend ever decided to look at his website history, all she’ll see under his activity is “Tumblr.”

“Babe, of course I was on Tumblr, you KNOW I like pictures of cats taking a bath!!”



I really do hope one day this backfires for Leon.

I hope Russian spies use his blog to send their own secret messages and he’s arrested for being complicit.

I hope he gets a virus (like feline distemper).

No, wait, I know….I’ll give him my friend’s Words With Friends login and password.



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