Toolbag Tuesday – Unlike you, car insurance doesn’t lie

There’s an age-old struggle (just kidding…it’s a millennial struggle) in dating, where you balance how much time you spend at each other’s apartment.

In my experience, guys tend to stay over at their girlfriends’ house and never leave because we have nice-smelling soap and pillows and stuff.

But there’s a difference between staying over all the time and uhh MOVING IN without tell your girlfriend.



The most extreme example was this guy Stuart who LIED about moving in with my friend Angela, and who only got busted when he started getting mail addressed to him there.


I mean, isn’t in the rule book of life that you discuss moving in with someone???

“I’m not moving in,” he insisted. “I just have to wait a week-and-a-half until I can move into my new apartment.”

Angela said ok, a week-and-a-half. He stayed over that often anyway.

But then (duh) a week-and-a-half turned into three weeks.

Then five weeks.

Angela was running out of soap.

She kept asking him what the deal was and again he insisted that he had a place rented and there was issues with fleas (LOL) or termites or something else out of his control.

But then the mail started coming.

His name at her address.

Bills, freelance checks.

And then his car insurance bill!

She looked at the document. He had registered his car at her address!!

You don’t register your car somewhere for a week and a half stay. That’s like registering your car at at an AirBnB.

“What is going on?” Angela asked.

That’s when Stuart (duh) admitted that he didn’t have another apartment lined up at all, he just got kicked out of his old place.


…and he figured she and he, “were probably going to move in together anyway” LOL so he moved in without saying anything.


Killer plan, Stuart.

A real turn on.

Angela gave him a week-and-a-half to move out.

After that, she was calling Geico.



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