TOOLBAG TUESDAY…the worst first date in 10 words

Last week, my friend Sarah posted a link to a Vice article on my Facebook wall entitled, “We Asked People to Sum Up Their Worst Dates in Six Words.”


She wrote: “Like Toolbag Tuesday, but abbreviated!”

Well…challenge accepted Sarah!!!!

I searched through ALL 323 TOOLBAG TUESDAY POSTS (omg) for the phrase “first date,” for research.

(YA’LL….there are 323 Toolbag Tuesday posts!!!)


Where does the time go??


And then I tried to sum up “first date” ones down to six words.

Ok…errr…ten words.


(Click on the name after the description to read the full post.)

Job pending, asked for my urine  –Mallory, 31

Asked advice for getting waitress’ number. –Joy, 23

Gave him a blow job, he rated it “8th best.” –Margie, 28

Casually mentioned his crackhead prostitute ex-girlfriend. –ME, 31, (FML)

Split the check, for feminism. –Katie, 30

Couldn’t pay the bill at all, because Wal Mart. -Holly, 29

When I went to the bathroom, he left the bar. -Martha, 33


LOL x 10


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