You know those, “Everything I need to know, I learned in Kindergarten” posters?

Like, “be nice” “share your toys” and “flush?”

That can also apply to dating, except not from Kindergarten (creep), but high school.



No, I mean the most common dating violation by high school guys: Hitting on your girlfriend’s friends.

Never in time has this maneuver ever been a secret. Girls talk and text all the time.

Today there’s immediate proof of a sleezy guy hitting on his girlfriends’ friends via screenshots. In high school, there was super secret three-way calling.

I don’t get it; are there NOT enough girls in the world to find someone who isn’t attached at the hip to your girlfriend to hit on??

I thought that only high school guys (especially those who went to all-boys’ schools and therefore had a small pool of girls they knew) and lame college guys did this.

So imagine my surprise when my friend Frances told me this happened to a guy she had been seeing…who is 39 years old.


Frances said she and Will had been going out for a few months, and they had met each others’ friends (LOL) and things were actually going really well.

She went on a week-long vacation to the mountains with her family and they texted each other almost daily.

They made plans to meet at a wine bar the night she came back home. Frances was excited.

However, the next day, there was insane traffic and other obnoxious obstacles and by the time she got home, all Frances wanted to do was face plant into her bed.

She texted Will that she needed to rain check.

“Sure, no problem,” Will wrote.

Will went to the wine bar anyway and surveyed the scene. He saw Frances’ best friend Gina sitting by herself.

“Hey, can I sit here?” he asked.

“Sure,” Gina said. They drank some wine and chatted about summer so far, and then Will asked Gina if she’d like to go to his house.

“What?” she said.

“Yea, it’s right nearby,” Will said. “We don’t have to spend $12 a glass there.”

Gina said no, she was about to leave anyway, when Will made his move. He put his arm around her and tried to MAKE OUT WITH HER.


“What?? What are you doing?” Gina asked. “You’re dating my friend.”

“Well, she stood me up tonight, so…” Will said, winking.



“GOOD FOR HER!” Gina said, left the bar and called Frances immediately to tell her what the jerk did.

…Who then immediately called the jerk.

“I didn’t think we were like, exclusively dating,” Will said. “And I didn’t think you guys were THAT good of friends.”






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