TOOLBAG TUESDAY…A wrong turn down memory lane

It can be nice to reminisce with your ex if you happen to run into him or her at a neutral place, and you don’t hate each other (anymore).

It could be a good way to catch up and see if their DJ business ever took off (LOL) how their mom is doing, or to ask if their super hot best friend still lives in town.

Um, for example.


But there’s a point where there’s just too much reminiscing, and I don’t mean bringing up your past love life or cute stories.

I mean reminiscing about how that person dumped you.


This happened to me recently…LOL…and up until that moment, I could have sworn that I had broken up with John.

(Ignorance is bliss!!!)

But it shouldn’t have mattered anyway, because who brings up a breakup???

John and I went out for a few months, and it wasn’t super serious, but we both remembered a lot about each other all these years later, so that means we must have spent a decent amount of time together, right???

“Well, it was great talking to you,” John said after about 15 minutes of pleasantries.

“Yea you too!” I said. “Maybe I’ll catch your DJ set sometime.”


The conversation should have ended right there, and I wish it would have. But John thought it would be cool to go further down memory lane.

“Well,” he said. “I’d tell you to hit me up on Facebook, but I’m pretty sure you deleted me.”

I laughed uncomfortably. “Yea,” I said. “That sounds like something I’d do.”

Again, the conversation should have ended right there, and I wish it would have. But John kept driving down memory lane.

“Man…you were SO MAD at me,” he said.

I paused.

When I realized what he was implying, I said, “Wait…YOU broke up with ME?”


(Seriously, I could have sworn I ended it.)

(And, yes, seriously, I said that to him.)

“Yea,” he said. “When you were on a layover in the Charlotte airport.”

I paused.

“You broke up with me over the phone when I was at the airport?” I asked.

No doubt, I was impressed that my brain had blocked out this specific memory.

I had no recollection of this, but I did fly through Charlotte a lot, so those pieces added up.

“Yea…you were super mad at me. I’m not surprised you deleted me from Facebook.”

“Well, OK,” I said. And then I walked away.

POP QUIZ: What’s worse than breaking up with someone over the phone when they are stuck on a layover???

ANSWER: Reminding that person five years later that you broke up with them when they were stuck on a layover!!

I couldn’t think about anything else for the next hour, feeling bad for my past self who got dumped at an airport.


I liked it better when I thought I had dumped him.


Effing Memory Lane.






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