Another reason why you should always travel somewhere with your significant other: to see if he leaves your ass at a Major League Baseball game in a foreign city.



My new friend Shelby told me about this nightmare situation she ended up in—where she BOUGHT TICKETS for her and her new boyfriend to watch the New York Yankees, PLUS used her airline miles to fly them both there from New Orleans.

Shelby and Billy had dated for six months and he practically moved in to her house. They got along really well, but she said he often got into weird moods.

“You know, how people can be moody??” she described.

I assumed she meant “moody,” like maybe he’d scream at birds when he didn’t have his morning coffee.

But “moody” in New York translated to IN THE MIDDLE OF THE THIRD INNING, he told her he was “tired of her shit,” and left her at the game.

…Like, took all of his things and bounced.

Left his girlfriend at a game in a new city!


(For the record, he wasn’t really clear about what “shit” he was referring to.)

At first Shelby thought he was just blowing off steam, and she kept looking for him to come back to their seats.

But then, after no answer when calling him or texting him, she decided to just enjoy the game by herself—she paid for the seats after all—and figured she would just talk to him when she got back to their AirBnb.

But after taking an Uber alone back, she arrived to discover….HE HAD LEFT.


Suitcase, toothbrush, everything.


He didn’t even leave a note.

Shelby was furious and called him and texted him so repeatedly that he finally wrote back: “catching a late flight back to New Orleans.”


They were supposed to have been there for two more days!

She then arranged for her own flight back the next day and then took another Uber…alone…to the airport. She was furious.

(She had no idea…)

When she arrived at the New Orleans airport, she walked to H-4, the parking spot she noted in her phone but…her car was gone.


That’s when she dug into her large traveling purse and realized that BILLY had taken her keys and TOOK HER CAR.





So, Shelby had to take another Uber alone to her apartment where she found her car AND BILLY just hanging out.

Shelby screamed at him about ruining their vacation, going completely overboard and extreme with leaving her and flying home that night and stealing her car and leaving her for dead alone in a big city.

“I was just tired of your shit and I had to get out of there,” he said.

“Well guess what??” she said. “You don’t have to deal with ANY more of my shit because WE’RE DONE!”

Billy was confused by this last line and tried to make nice and tell her he was sorry and that they didn’t have to break up over it. (LOLOLOL)

She threw him out anyway, and told him he’s lucky she didn’t have him arrested for car theft.

I can’t make this up; really I can’t—TWO DAYS LATER, Billy asked her if she wanted to go with him to watch an NBA basketball game.




Of course, she wasn’t in the mood.



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