I guess one of the good things about dating a 24-year-old as a 30-something female is that you know when they’re cheating because of social media.

It’s like a built-in nanny cam!

Which is fitting because these BABIES were born in the 1990s.


You’d think your average 20-something would be more careful when lying to a girl he’s sleeping with about being out of town for a weekend.

You’d think he’d want to keep a low profile, while actually IN TOWN, while out with another girl.

But being publicly tagged on social media is more important than the girl you’re seeing’s feelings.

AmIRight, JASON?

(….but how many likes did you get??!?!)

Jason, this complete DIPSHIT my friend Tara dated off and on for years, was always leading her on.

He’d travel around the country taking pictures and then come back to her bed, tell her he loved her and say all the things that kept her wanting more. He talked about moving in with her.

But then his social media pages started telling another story.

First, he didn’t mention Tara at all, anywhere, even if he posted a picture of their eggs at brunch.


Tara said she only knew because she saw that his MOTHER was attending.


“Oh…yea, I don’t know how to invite people to things on Facebook…” he stammered when confronted.



Then, their travel plans collided when he said that he was going to New York for the weekend, for some “job” when Tara said she, too, was going to New York to visit her friend that weekend. 

And how fun and romantic would it be to meet up in a cool city that she had never been to?

Sex IN the city!!

Jason was quick to say that no, there would be NO sex in the city and that his “job” was in the suburbs, like “practically New Jersey” and that he wouldn’t be anywhere near where she was. 

It was surprising, since Jason was Mr. Metropolis and would explore any big city he could. But he said he was only going to be there “Friday night through Sunday,” and that he didn’t have time to do ANYTHING.


Tara gave him the benefit of the doubt. They made plans to see each other in two weeks.

Tara then describes how Jason became mysteriously MIA all weekend and didn’t initiate any type of communication.

“On Saturday night, I asked him how his trip was going and he responds with ‘pretty great so far’ then is silent,” she describes.

(Silence, which, for the record, is INFURIATING to someone you are sleeping with.)

Tara made the most of her trip anyway and had a great time with her friend until Monday at breakfast, she saw on Instagram a picture of Jason TAGGED at a concert from the night before…in the middle of New York City…with a pretty blonde girl…with a heart comment.


So apparently he was staying in New York beyond SunDAY.

The icing on the cake: “The concert was five minutes from where I was staying,” Tara points out.


If that’s not an “F-U” then I don’t know what is.

“So I text him and call him (which he ignores) asking why he couldn’t just tell me the truth. I also asked how long it’s been going on (since he was JUST staying at my house and we had a really great time and he told me he loved me and blah blah blah).”

Jason didn’t address any of these questions and only responded with, “Stop bugging me I’m really busy working.”






Sorry, Jason, the only thing REALLY BUSY WORKING is the social media nanny cam.

And she’s tired of your bullshit too.


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