I love when a guy you’re dating can teach you things, like the rules of basketball or how to do an Irish Car Bomb.

Sometimes, though, these lessons go much deeper. 
My friend Willa and and this guy Greg dated for almost a year and slowly, Willa found herself staying at his house all the time.
It wasn’t an official “move in” together, it was more of a “she’s there all the time” situation, and he gave her a few drawers so she had clothes and other girly possessions there permanently.
So, it became them living together organically without a “lets move in” conversation.
Willa and Greg did, however, start talking about her renting out her house out, because they both acknowledged that she spent no time there.
But about three weeks after having the conversation of how much to rent her house for and HIM telling her to move her CAT into his place, he decided that all the stuff that he suggested was “too much.”
But, no, he didn’t want to stop dating altogether…
He only wanted to date her on the WEEKENDS.


Selfish prick.

So, within a month, their relationship goes from a full-on cohabitation with HER CAT scenario to Saturdays only.
So Willa said she was leaving him.
Yet, every time she went by his house DURING THE WEEK, DESPITE HIM to get her things back, he’d say sorry, and keep her there for dinner and she’d spend the night.
She couldn’t leave him.
It was only when the situation finally began wearing her down that she told him that it had to go one way or another. 

“Either have me seven days a week or zero days a week.”

Greg would flip-flop his answer and then bring her back to bed and she still couldn’t leave him.
But she kept pressing him about the “weekend only” thing.
He finally told her, exasperated, that her problem is that she, “always knew when to come around, but never knew when to leave.”




And that’s how Greg taught her how to leave. For good.



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