File this under real-life Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde:

My friend Cassie had been dating this guy Heath for one month and he decided to break up with her after a drunken night out, with thoughtful points like, “you’re a loser, and have nothing going for you.”

…And then he called her the next day to see if she still wanted to meet his parents for dinner.


Now, I know what you’re thinking: Who asks someone to meet their parents after just one month of dating??


Things had started pretty intense between Cassie and Heath right away. They met when Cassie was a bartender at a new hot bar and Health was a hot new customer.

He had pursued her, coming in nightly, tipping her well, and generally being charming. 

He was a finance guy and bought her little gifts, cooked her dinner, made her feel awesome, etc., etc. (basically a perfect Dr. Jekyll .)

When he asked her to meet his parents for dinner, she was so flattered that she said yes.

Cassie said everything was going 100 percent great between them until the night before meeting his parents.

They were celebrating Cassie’s friend’s birthday at the bar and she said they were all having a really good time when Heath snapped.

Mr. Hyde came out of the drunkedness.

“When we went back to his place, he decided to tell me what a loser I was, that I had nothing going for me, and ‘broke up’ with me in a drunken stupor,” she said.


It was a complete shock (on top of an embarrassing life evaluation.)

This whole time Heath had told her nothing but sweet, wonderful things. 

And now she was a LOSER?!?!?!

Cassie didn’t know how to respond to these accusations and left his house in a cab sad, angry, hurt and confused.

She woke up the next day and saw two missed calls from Heath.

Maybe he wanted to apologize! Maybe he wanted to take everything back!


“Are you still planning to come to dinner tonight to meet my family?” he asked, casually.

“What?” Cassie said.

“Dinner. Tonight. With my parents, remember?” Heath said.

“Um…do you want to talk about last night?” Cassie said.

“No,” he said. 


Cassie remained silent.

“Look, Cassie, we were both drunk, and I doubt either one of us really remembers what was actually said,” Heath said.



(Wait, in the books, does Dr. Jekyyl forget what he said when he was in Mr. Hyde mode?)

“He actually assumed I forgot the conversation,” Cassie recalls. “That I forgot he broke up with me.”

Also: “He didn’t even ask me how I got home.”



NEWSFLASH: A girl doesn’t forget when a guy she’s sleeping with calls her a “loser” “with nothing going for her.”

Cassie ended things with Heath, of course, telling him 
that technically they were already broken up, reminding him of exactly what he said, and that no, she didn’t want to go to dinner and subject his family to such a loser.

…Which is why he should stay home, too.



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