Jake and Lindsay had been dating on and off for a YEAR, and he never once acknowledged her as anything romantic on social media.

…Which is the 2015 equivalent of “not introducing someone to your friends,” which is annoying and lame. 

And before you think that maybe Jake just isn’t into sharing info with that one guy he took a class with 15 years ago, you’re wrong.

Jake was very much on social media. 

He was good-looking, a writer, and posted many photos on Instagram and Facebook of artsy things like buildings and bridges and his running shoes. Hashtag: #morningvibes.

…Just no posts of Lindsay.

It was obnoxious at first, but as time went on, it turned into a “really dude??!?!” when Jake would actually un-tag himself from group photos that she and her friends posted on Facebook.

What the F

Jake then moved on to going completely out of his way to keep Lindsay out of his very active social media presence.

He would post pictures of places they would go together but not tag her or make any mention of her….even though he was only in those places because of her.

(Like, when he and Lindsay went to Wyoming to HER brother’s wedding, his post was just a photo and a caption, “Just experienced a Wyoming wedding under beautiful western skies. #Epic.”…Without mentioning Lindsay or her family whatsoever.)

Often, Jake would spend his time checking the “likes” and comments, which Lindsay noticed were often comments by girls who posed in their underwear, who also used the hashtag #morningvibes.


Is this what 2015 has come to??? Is this the equivalent of a wandering eye?

Because anyone (including Lindsay) can see those posts, and can see that uhh someone was very prominently missing.

It soon became clear that Jake was more interested in appearing single in his social media presence than spending time with his real life girlfriend.

And it was lame.

2015 lame.

But the lamest of the lame came when he won tickets to a music concert on Sirius radio.

Jake won two tickets and asked Lindsey if she wanted to go.

Of course she did.

Jake told her that he’d let her know when he got the tickets emailed, let her know if they were V.I.P. or not, if they were for all the days or just a few, etc. etc.

But before she heard from him about the tickets, she saw his Instagram page.

It was a screen grab of the email from Sirius Radio congratulating him for winning.

His caption: “”who out there wants to come with me?”




Yes, instead of forwarding the email to Lindsay as promised, he posted his “congratulations” email to Instagram.

Lindsay was fuming when she saw it, and then looked in horror as comment after comment poured in by girls: “I hope we get to rub elbows, and maybe more, at the concert.”



This isn’t just a generation thing.

2015 or 1915, asking a girl if she wants an extra ticket to a show, and then asking, uhhhh….4,000 others is downright rude.


Fucking delete.


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