In general, guys don’t spend money on their girlfriends anymore.

It’s a fact. 

(If you’re a guy who DOES pay for everything, keep it up. You’re a dying breed and we need your species to survive for the future.)
But as a general rule for men in their 30s, they don’t pay for shit. 

They don’t want to, they don’t need to. It’s actually possible to date a guy for six months and only set him back $40 of his own money because he lets you pay separate.
…Which makes this story even more hilarious.  
Curtis was one of these guys. 

He dated my friend Taylor for almost a year and during that time, Curtis never went above and beyond to take her out to fancy dinners, NEVER BOUGHT HER A MINK COAT, never whisked them away on a vacation or anything else that required an exorbitant amount of money.
Granted, Curtis was a car mechanic, but he still did fine.
She was living with her parents.

One day, Taylor noticed that her car tire was flat. She didn’t know what to do about it, didn’t know how to fix it and called Curtis in a very damsel in distress moment.
Since he, uh, WORKED IN A TIRE SHOP, she asked him if he could fix it for her. He happily obliged.
Taylor said she had no clue how much a tire cost, but told him she would pay him back when she got the chance.
Now, my source (Google) tells me that ONE tire costs $50 to replace. And that’s the price for an unknowing customer! Curtis, the mechanic, likely got a cheaper deal than that.
Within the day, the tire was fixed. 

Curtis and Taylor continued dating, but their relationship quickly went sour when Curtis started working the night shift at a new job and became paranoid that Taylor was cheating on him. She wasn’t.

Maybe it was the night shift making him crazy, maybe it was because his schedule now meant they didn’t see each other as often, but he was adamant that she was cheating on him.
“I live with my parents!” Taylor would say when she had to resort to using LOGISTICS to prove her point.
“You really think I’m bringing guys over to my parents’house to hook up??”
Taylor said the accusations became increasingly insulting and she broke up with him.
Of course Curtis didn’t take it well, and there were “several screaming phone calls where he was calling me a whore, a cheater, and a few other really bad things,” she recalls.
That’s when Curtis also told her that he was coming over to her parents’ house to SERVE HER WITH PAPERS.
Taylor then had to tell her parents that her whackedout ex-boyfriend was possibly on the way over with some sort of papers.
“What kind of papers?” they asked.
It was a good question.
She called him back.
“What kindof papers?” Taylor demanded, with her parents by her side.
She’ll never forget his response:
Papers because I’m suing you for all the money I spent on you while we were dating, and for the new tire I just bought you!” 
For all the MONEY he spent!!
What, did he keep itemized receipts from the dive bar down the street he’d take her to??
No. This was mainly about the $50 tire. 
What a douche!!
Taylor’s parents laughed really hard.
No surprise, Curtis never came over that day or served her papers. 

(Probably because lawyers cost more than $50.)
But Curtis did reach a new low standard for guys everywhere—a guy who not only doesn’t pay for shit, but feels like he needs to be reimbursedfor the paltry amount of money he did spend.

(And uhhhh what about the money SHE spent on HIM when she would pick up the tab…repeatedly??)

My God, the way he was acting you’d think he bought her a brand new car, not just a stupid tire.

At least she was able to drive far, far away from him.

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