“You don’t tell guys you date about your Toolbag Tuesday blog, do you? 
Because I can see how that would be a little intimidating.”
I was asked this question by a guy friend recently.
The answer is no, and I try really hard to keep it under wraps as long as possible.
For example, if I become friends on Facebook with a new guy, I will tirelessly hide each and every Tuesday post going back months and months. 

(If he wants to stalk me all the way back to last August, then he’s asking for it.)
Of course, I tell the guys I like who matter about my blog…but only after enough time has gone by so they don’t think I’m just this man-hating A-hole.
Also, I write OTHER things on this blog, too, which leaves me wide open to scrutiny from guys who don’t know how really charming I am in real life. (ha)
I don’t know, maybe some guys who read my blog might find it attractive that I can write full sentences and know the difference between “then” and “than.”
But I was thinking about that initial question lately – Do you tell guys you date about your blog? – And then I got to thinking about karma.

Especially because I’m single and will hopefully meet someone awesome soon. 

But will I meet anyone awesome if every week I write about hating on men? 

Is that negative energy surrounding me like a duderepellant???
I mean, two guys I’ve dated have actually said, “you’re not going to write about me in Toolbag Tuesday!”…so there’s that.
SO…after several minutes of deliberation, as a social experiment, I’m giving up Toolbag Tuesday for Lent.
Yes, Lent.
Silly Catholics.
But don’t worry, reader from Australia who keeps Google searching“Toolbag Tuesday!!!!!!” 

It’s just for 40 days.
And I’ll still post things about life.  And Mardi Gras.
I’ll even try to post a new blog on Tuesdays.
My digital diary!!
But, since tomorrow starts Lent, I’ll leave you with a tiny little toolbag that’s relevant here today.
No proper boyfriend I’ve ever had has ever been interested in reading my blog. 

Any posts.
…Mainly because all I date are unsupportive A-holes.
I even set up my blog with one boyfriend so that anytime I posted any blog at all, it sent the post directly to his email address, body and everything.
Right there in the email! 

No clicking required!
One day I had to ASK him if he read it (because I posted a blog about HIM and Jazz Fest), to which he said no, he “didn’t have time,” without realizing that he had sent me a dumb email forward earlier that day.
Here’s to no more Toolbags!!!! 

At least until Easter.
Stay tuned.

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