You know that phrase “In it to win it???”
Well apparently this guy Greg wasn’t in his upcoming marriage to win my friend Brandi.
He was in it for the destination wedding vacation.
Which would have been sort of OK if, uh, Brandi had been there, too.
But in fact, Brandi was NOT in the Bahamason the day and time of their wedding.
…Because Greg had picked a fight with her and demanded she give him the ring back two months earlier.
Brandi and Greg both worked in finance, dated for three years and even bought a house together leading up to their destination wedding. 

In the Bahamas.
Brandi said everything was great with them when one day, OUT OF NOWHERE, Greg escalated a teeny tiny fight to the point that he asked for the ring back.
The fight was dumb. He wanted her to come watch a football game at his parents’ house and she said she’d rather unpack their new home.
And because it’s totally unreasonable to want to unpack a new home, Greg freaked out and ended everything. 

Two months before their wedding.
I know it seems skeptical when someone asks why things didn’t work out and the response is “I don’t know,” but in this case, Brandi said she honestly doesn’t know why Greg decided to back out of their wedding. 

Or why he used that ridiculous fight as an excuse. They never fought!
Brandi had given him the ring back in the heat of the moment, only because she was sure he’d calm down and return to the house to talk it over. But he didn’t return, ever.
WEEKS went by. Brandi called his phone – no answer. Texts went unanswered. Emails went unanswered. 

What a coward. 

(No word on if Brandi had contacted Greg’s mother. That’s what you normally do with babies.)

When Brandi realized that Greg was serious and not coming back, SHE (SHE!!! INSULT TO INJURY) had to announce to everyone that the wedding was not happening.
UGH. It was beyond embarrassing.

Oh, but not everyone was embarrassed.
In the midst of her despair, as Brandi scrambled to figure out what was going to happen with their house and the mortgage, she saw on Facebook that three couples had decided to go to the Bahamas for vacation anyway since they had already bought tickets and taken time off work.
You can’t blame them, I suppose, for taking a vacation that was already booked, (maybe, though, they could have hidden Brandi from viewing said pictures. A**holes, don’t invite them to your next wedding, Brandi), but she looked in HORROR at the backdrop of what would have been their perfect dream wedding when she saw Greg.
Brandi rubbed her eyes and looked again. She must have been imagining. 


Greg went on their wedding vacation! With his friends!!! 

Let’s all say it together: UGH.
OMG. All the pictures were of the three couples and Greg having a BALL.
Posing on the beach! Going on a hike! 

(No cold feet in 80 degree weather, apparently.) 

How insensitive can you be??!?!? 

HE’S the one who ended it!!! And now HE gets to enjoy the white sandy beaches while Brandi’s alone, depressed???
It should be the other way around.
It was beyond mortifying.
Basically, Greg skipped out on their house, their relationship and their wedding with no explanation.
The vacation was the only thing he came through on! 

In it to WIN IT!
Now, if there was only something else IN his Piña Colada beside just rum and coconut…

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