My friend Julie walked into living room of her boyfriend’s dad’s house, more scared than she’d ever been in her life. 

She was a senior in high school and had just taken a pregnancy test. 

Her boyfriend Henry’s dad didn’t get home until late, so they wouldn’t be interrupted while they used the bathroom and learned the truth. 

Julie had just peed on the pregnancy stick, her first time taking such a test, placed it on the bathroom counter and walked into the kitchen to wait. 

Henry, also a senior, was nervous as hell even though he told her that NO, it couldn’t be real, this is all going to work out fine. 

Julie shook. 

“I can’t look!” she said when the five minutes was up. 

“I can’t go in there and see that I’m pregnant, I just can’t!”

“I’ll do it,” Henry said stoically, walking to the bathroom. 

That’s when, without thinking, Julie ran UPSTAIRS, as far away from the pee stick as possible, hoping to outrun her fate.

She listened for a reaction from Henry downstairs but didn’t hear anything.

After five minutes of silence, shallow-breathed and panicky, she slowly walked back downstairs. 

Her heart fell when she saw Henry sitting on the couch, crying. 

“Oh my God,” Julie said when she saw him rocking, actual boy tears coming down his face. It was clear what the results were.

She walked over to him carefully, a million thoughts going through her head and sat down next to him on the couch.

“I’m pregnant aren’t I?” she asked, tears now forming in her own eyes. 

Henry sniffled and kept looking down, red-faced. 

Julie then bent down to meet his eyes with hers, when a huge smile crept on his face.

“NO YOU’RE NOT!!!! JUST KIDDING!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA I GOT YOU GOOD, DIDN’T I???” he said, wiping fake tears from his face. 


Henry hasn’t been heard from since.


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