I know movies aren’t real life and neither is Carrie Bradshaw (dammit), but in that movie with Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Mcconaughey where she tries to get him to fall in love with her and move out of his parent’s house, she uses a dying dog as bait.

Well, a fake dying dog. 

She asks him to come with her to the vet to “put down” her dog, which really isn’t her dog and who really isn’t dying.

As her character explains: I cry, he cries. It totally bonds us.” 

I sort of get the point. In a relationship, asking someone to come with you to euthanize your pet is a huge emotional step. If you’re the person being asked to do this, it shows a certain vulnerability in your partner and makes you feel good that you were selected to make them feel better.


Jonas didn’t think that way. 
I honestly think he just needed a ride to the vet. 

Jonas dated my friend Molly for about five weeks, which was surprising considering he had a reputation for being a serial dater. 

They had gone out to dinner, movies, weddings, parties and had numerous sleepovers.

“We need to do this together,” he would say, looking at travel deals for skiing. 

Or, “We need to do that together,” he would say looking at (fill-in-the-blank-something-coupley).

Molly and Jonas hadn’t discussed the future or being exclusive, but she was his one and only girl at the moment, and she felt special.

Then his cat got sick and crashed. Fatally sick like leukemia or cancer or something equally tragic and had to be put down. 

“Will you come with me?” Jonas asked Molly.

Matthew Mcconaughey Molly was taken aback. This was a huge step. 

He wanted HER? To be there for this moment? It was huge. And even though, no, who wants to see a pet die??? Of course, she said. Of course I’ll be there for you.

She drove him and his cat wrapped in a blanket to the vet’s office very early one Saturday morning and stood next to him as the poor thing was euthanized. 

She cried, he cried. She hugged him and they spent the rest of the emotional day together. Molly felt more connected to him than ever before.

The next day turned out to be equally as emotional. 

Jonas dumped her.

“I’m not ready for a relationship,” he said over the phone.




Why did he ask her to come with him to the vet’s office so they could cry and hold each other, uh, THE DAY BEFORE??? 

That’s not something you just ask someone you’re dating to do and then dump them. 

He should have asked his mom to go with him.

And what’s with the whole “we should do this and that” shit together??? Why even say that???

It was infuriating. 

Molly hung up on him without responding, thinking he’d call back or change his mind. At least a text, right?? 


But she never heard from him again. And she’s been wary of guys who own cats ever since.


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