In my opinion, with the exception of an engagement ring, any gift given during a relationship still belongs to that person even after you break up.

Duh, right?
It’s a gift.

Now, if that person (the girl…also duh) wants to make a dramatic returning of said gifts accrued during the relationship, that’s his her loss.

What’s NOT the same thing…is a guy pestering his ex-girlfriend to return gifts he bought her.


Mark, this INDIAN GIVER my friend Tiffany dated, didn’t understand this.
Several times since their breakup, he’s hounded her for gifts he wants back, in the most annoying way possible.

Because it’s not like he’s desperate and wants to sell these things or anything. He just wants to use them on his new girlfriend.

Who happens to be his co-worker.


The first present Mark wanted back was a massage table he bought Tiffany, originally bought so he could give her sensual massages.

“Yea, I’m going to need that back,” Mark said several months after they broke up.
He needed it so he could give massages to his new girlfriend.

“No.” Tiffany said.

“Well, I don’t like the idea of anyone else giving you a massage on MY table,” he said.


“Well…I don’t like the idea of you giving someone else a massage,” Tiffany countered.



A few months later, Mark called to see if Tiffany had “his” two tickets to a Red Hot Chili Pepper concert, which he gave her as a Christmas present.

Granted, the idea when the tickets were purchased was that they would go together, but tough shit Mark. That’s what you get for buying presents in advance.
And not holding onto them for “safekeeping.”

Tiffany had planned to take one of her best girl friends, Heather, to the concert instead. It was sold out.

“Well, when I bought those tickets, I also bought two more next to them…for my brother and (co-worker/new girlfriend),” Mark said.


Yes, it turns out he had bought a ticket for his future girlfriend sitting next to them when he and Tiffany were still together.


“…So, I don’t think you really want to be sitting next to them anyway,” Mark said, matter-of-factly.

(Ed. note: Balls.)

Tiffany then laid into him about the co-worker girlfriend (again), his asking of the tickets back and reminded him that SHE had been waiting for YEARS to see that band perform live.

I mean, she made it her Christmas present for F’s sake. Big. deal.
She wasn’t budging.

And she went to the concert with Heather, but didn’t very well sit next to the new girlfriend.

They were her tickets and she could do whatever she wanted with them.

“Me and Heather just switched those shitty seats for shitty seats with someone there,” Tiffany said.



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