Something that’s an even bigger waste of time than going on a terrible online date??

Getting messages from a chick you don’t know about how he’s a cheater.
I have to admit I was intrigued by the drama at first.
Among my other boring emails and Groupon offers was an OKStupid message that said,
“I just wanted you to know that ‘superman123’ uses okcupid to cheat on girls, don’t talk to him unless you like to help cheaters, beware.”
(And you are…??)
It was laughable to think that our one 2-hour date would be considered cheating on anyone, what with the bored look on my face the whole time and his incessant bitching about everything New Orleans.
“Ugh, you can’t rely on the streetcars at ALL.”
“Parking SUCKS in this city.”
(Loudly, on a crowded ferry) “I HATE when people walk RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and then just STOP.” (people turn around, I got beet red).
Then, in the middle of a rivetingstory I was telling once we disembarked, “Superman” stopped me in the middle of a sentence to point out that a car was going the wrong way down a street.
“CanYouBelieveThat???”he asked, throwing his hands up. “UNBELIEVEABLE!”
“OH MY GOD CALL THE COPS,” I said loudly and sarcastically.
“Superman” didn’t know how to interpret my tone and then awkward silence sank in.
After one beer on the other side of the river, we rode the ferry back, and he waxed on about how ugly and dirty the Mississippi River was.
“Ok, see you later,” I said beelining for my car.
He didn’t pick up on me being overly eager to leave, and he continued to text message me over the next three days.
“Doing anything fun?” he’d ask, which I found terribly ironic since he didn’t seem to have any fun doing anything other than pointing out traffic violations.
I got stressed after text message number five, because I realized I’d have to tell him that I didn’t want to go out on any more dates. My non-responses were not doing the trick.
But then I got the message about how he’s a cheater.
“Some chick on OK Stupid just sent me a message about you…odd.” I wrote to him, the first text I had sent since our “date.”
“Apparently that person hacked into my account. I deleted my account. Did I tell you I found a new place to live??”
I noted the change in topic.
“She said you were a cheater,” I wrote.
“Yea, she told me that too along with a lot of other harassing messages,” he said.
I put on my sleuth hat.
So this person you don’t know is sending YOU harassing messages? After hacking into your account??
Doesn’t a hacker normally blast out a fake web page??? How many hackers do you know who send out warning messages??
Obviously, “Superman” knew who this person was.
And I had nothing better to do.
“Why do you think that girl messaged me?” I wrote.
“It’s not a real account,” he said.
“Then how did she know that we went out?” I responded.
“Pretty sure she hacked my account, messaged everyone I’ve ever had contact with on there, slightly creepy.”
I didn’t write back.
“Oh and I think I know who’s behind it, a girl I was talking to, but it didn’t work out.”
That’s more like it.
I was glad he at least admitted to knowing who this chick was. It was probably his girlfriend.
Still, that type of interaction, even with a “hacker” doesn’t make a guy look very good.
I mean, she knew him well enough to figure out his password, or she was using his computer.
She was pissed enough to message girls he went out with…and, oh, if he deleted his account, then how would she be able to see which girls he had been messaging??
Shit didn’t add up.
“So, doing anything fun this weekend?” he asked.

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