No. No girl wants to be friends with, or hang out with, someone her current boyfriend hooked up with.
More importantly: No girl wants to be friends with, or hang out with, someone her current boyfriend recently hooked up with.
Seth, this guy who dated my friend Elizabeth, added an even more ridiculous third element to this awkward social situation.
He asked Elizabeth if she wanted to hang out with Zoe, a girl he had recently hooked up WHILE HE AND ELIZABETH WERE DATING.
Yes, Seth asked his girlfriend if she would mind hanging out with the person he cheated on her with.
Seth and Elizabeth had gotten back together after his transgression and were starting things over. He was good-looking and creative and foreign (the hot kind). And he was very good at apologizing.
Seth was a musician and Zoe was a “fan” who Seth had hooked up with for about a month while he and Elizabeth were exclusively dating. Things only ended when Zoe moved to California to become an actress.
Now, Zoe was going to be visiting from out of town (again) and messaged Seth to see if she could come to his show.
“So, can I invite her?” Seth asked.
 Elizabeth screamed and was very close to slapping him in the face.
“There is no waythat a girl that he cheated on me with is going to come to his show while I am there,” Elizabeth fumed. 
I mean, it’s embarrassing enough getting cheated on (and finding out through Facebook). Standing shoulder to shoulder with this girl was not something Elizabeth could tolerate, and she was pissed Seth would even ask.
So she decided to break up with him. Again.
But, Seth talked Elizabeth into staying with him. (again).
He apologized (again) for what happened and said he didn’t mean it. He admitted that he was an idiot and Elizabeth gave him another, other second chance.
Elizabeth said the next few weeks were blissful. Seth spent every night at her house (he didn’t ever want to go home!) It was right around the holidays and Seth bought her an awesome Christmas present and even hosted a party at her house.
Yet, every girl should know (and this will be a separate Toolbag Tuesday due to its repeated-ness)….if an ex or someone similar is still being mentioned and talked about, there’s probably something going on.
Come January, Seth got really depressed and started sleeping at his own place. Alone. When asked what’s wrong, he said he’s just really upset that his band hasn’t taken off, he doesn’t know what he’s doing with his life and just wants to be alone, wah wah wah.
He also waxed on about how he “wants to go to Russia and speak Russian with Russian people,” “take some time by himself to take baths and drink tea” and figure out what he wants. All of a sudden.
Elizabeth told him no, he can not sulk by himself, especially after all they had gone through together. She gave him an ultimatum: work through this together as a team or break up.
He said break up.
After SHE took him back…TWICE.
Then he made a comment about how Elizabeth never “tips the band” at their gigs.
Not surprisingly, Elizabeth checked out Seth’s Facebook page two weeks later and sees a post from Zoe about how it was SO GREAT to meet his friends the previous weekend.
GREAT, Elizabeth thought. He broke up with me so ZOE can come to town and slobber all over him. This wasn’t surprising.
What WAS surprising, though, was a phone call from the bass player in the band who called to ask Elizabeth out (uh, awkward…her word not mine haha).
Elizabeth said no, she really wasn’t over Seth and the break-up was so sudden
“What are you talking about? He’s been with that girl Zoe,” the bass player said. 
“Yea, she ended up winning a bunch of money on a game show in California and moved back to New Orleans. She’s been living here ever since the new year.”
To refresh, it was the same month Seth suddenly started feeling “depressed,” and became interested in drinking tea.
Elizabeth’s jaw dropped. 
The bass player then dropped another bomb: The weekend Seth asked Elizabeth if Zoe could come to their show, Seth didn’t mention that she was STAYING AT HIS APARTMENT WHILE LOOKING TO FIND HER OWN APARTMENT.
“So he was coming to my house every night, and hanging out with her during the day,” Elizabeth said.
There were no words to describe the enormous waste of time Seth was. Or how humiliated she felt that she actually took him back so many times.
Elizabeth tried to yell at him but he didn’t admit to nor deny anything, which was infuriating. So she told him never to call her again. 
And swore off musicians, and foreigners, forever.

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