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You’d think that after meeting a guy at a bar and talking for 45 minutes and him asking you for your number that he’d be into you.

At least that’s what my friend Sara thought after she spent most of her time talking to Scott at her kickball league’s after-bar last week.

They both found each other interesting enough that in 45 minutes they actually learned more about each other than some one-night stands do (Uh, so I’ve heard).

She even decided to stay at the bar and chat with him even though all of her fellow teammates left.

Scott was in the Navy. He was raised super, super Catholic and said his parents followed the Bible to the point of being embarrassing.

He was one of five kids total, two sisters, two brothers (Catholics indeed!)

Sara and Scott had cute banter, and she thought he was smart and funny. She teased him about being in the Navy, asking him how many pushups he can do and things like that.

He got her number, and said he’d call her next time he dropped to do 20.

When Sara said she had to go to the bathroom, he pretended to be crushed.

“You have five minutes exactly,” he said sternly, joking. Sara laughed.

Her grin faded THREE MINUTES LATER, when she came back to the bar from the bathroom and another blonde had taken her seat next to Scott. She observed them for a minute. He was definitely flirting with her, exactly the way her had been flirting with HER, pre-bathroom break.

Sara’s feelings were hurt. Wasn’t she guaranteed his attention for at least the time she was still AT the bar?

Three minutes ago he was “devastated” that she would leave him to go pee, now he had replaced her immediately?

Rolling her eyes, she went up to the bar in Scott’s line of vision and asked the bartender to close out her tab.

“Hey, woah, what are you doing?” Scott asked. “You’re not closing out are you?”

“Yea,” Sara said. “If I can’t hold your attention for five minutes while I’m gone, what’s the point?”

(Also, all of her friends had left already.)

Even though Sara admits she “kind of lost it,” she had a point.

I mean, how annoying!

HE’S the one who had gotten her number and acted like he couldn’t be away from her for five minutes.


“I mean, I know that I’m being crazy right now,” Sara said, as she signed her tab. “But I just think that’s rude.”

Scott then either became self-aware, or tried to smooth things over. The new blonde girl had gotten bored and left.

“No I mean sorry, I guess that’s an asshole thing to do,” Scott said.

Sara nodded and left.

He never called, but that’s OK.

Sara didn’t even pretend to be devastated. She forgot about him after five minutes.


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