Little girls everywhere dream about how their prince will propose.

Will he get down on one knee?
Will a camera capture the moment?

My personal preference: Will there be champagne involved?

(Kidding mom.)

Most little girls would be envious of how Richard proposed to my friend Camille.

First of all, they were on horseback (SWOON)….on a beach (DOUBLE SWOON.)

It was on a cruise to Mexico where they disembarked for the day and several of the passengers rented (rented? Is that the right word?) horses to ride along the beach…at sunset.

Camille and Richard had dated for a year or so, and while he had a bad boy streak and, uh, a temper, Camille still thought he was her prince charming.

At Richard’s lead, they took their (rented) horses over to a quiet spot away from the others in the group, dismounted, and Richard got down on one knee right there.

“YES!” Camille exclaimed, genuinely surprised by the proposal and how beautiful the whole thing was.
Maybe Richard had a soft spot after all.

They took pictures and kissed and Camille thought what a perfect engagement story to tell their grandkids.

They got back on their horses and Camille directed hers at the group down the beach, but Richard said he wanted to explore the other abandoned side of the beach more.

“Richard, the guide said not to go past those rocks,” Camille said.
Pssssh who cares what the guide said?” Richard said, already trotting.

“Well, I don’t want to get lost or get in trouble,” Camille said. “Please Richard, let’s just go back.”

She looked at her flashing engagement ring, wanting to show it off to the others.

“This moment was so beautiful, I don’t want to ruin it,” Camille said to her brand new fiancé .

“NO! STOP BEING A PUSSY!” he said and walked his horse over the rocks.

“RICHARD!” she screamed as he clamored off.

And that’s how, not even five minutes after the most perfect engagement ever, Richard called his fiancé the P word because she didn’t want to bring her rented horse to a part of the beach in Mexico they were specifically told not to go.

They were still fighting when they rejoined the group later, to the point that Camille didn’t even announce they had gotten engaged because they WEREN’T TALKING TO EACH OTHER.


They don’t write fairy tales about that.

In fact, Camille and Richard closed the book on their “fairy tale” a few years later and never made it down the aisle.

Which is a good thing because no one wants to hear an engagement story about how their grandma was called the P word.

Or why she doesn’t ride horses anymore.


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