There’s a good way and a bad way to juggle two people when you’re dating.
The bad way is getting caught.

Worse than bad (yes there is a worse than bad) is deliberately getting caught.

Yes, deliberately. For example, bringing one girl to the same restaurant where your other girl said she was having dinner.

Is there an excuse for this? Maybe Andrew was trying to show Gina that he was super desirable.
Or maybe he just wanted to tell her that he had moved on. But this incident was only two days after they had some hot and heavy text messaging. (um, no sexting kids.)

“What are you doing tonight?”Andrew texted that Friday night. Gina said she was going to an October Ocktober Fest party at a bar downtown, and that he should come.

“Yea, maybe I’ll see you there,” he wrote back.

Gina told him that she was grabbing a bite to eat before the fest at a restaurant a few blocks away because not everyone likes cabbage rolls and hot German sausage you know.

So, there was Gina eating pizza with three of her friends, and she had a few beers and started getting all giggly about seeing Andrew, when she got a text message from a co-worker.

“Andrew is here at October Ocktober Fest and he’s with a blonde girl.”
(Can’t hide, fellas. Can’t hide. Ha)

Gina, a brunette, stared at her phone.

“What?” she thought. “Is someone visiting him from out of town? Does he have a sister?”

Gina consulted with her friends about this information, but they just shrugged and said maybe her coworker spotted the wrong guy (nope) or that the blonde girl was just a friend (nope).

But why would he bring a date to something that he knew she was going to be at??
He’d have to be a complete idiot to do that, her friends agreed. It’s probably nothing.

But right then, at that exact moment, Gina saw Andrew through the window of the restaurant OPENING THE DOOR AND WALKING INSIDE with the blonde girl on his arm.
The same restaurant that she told him less than an hour before that she would be eating at.

Panicked, Gina thought of the easiest option. She bolted to the bathroom.

She saw Andrew bring his date right over to where her friends were sitting and INTRODUCED the blonde girl to everyone at the table. Sensing an uneasiness (and perhaps noticing the empty seat that was so obviously Gina’s) he left without even ordering a beer.

Gina was devastated. When it was safe to come out of the bathroom hallway, she and her friends had a nice, long bitchfest.

She didn’t hear from him until the next day.
“So how was your night?” he texted. Seriously.

Gina responded all sassy.
“It would have been better without that blonde girl.” Snap.

“Look, we talked about seeing other people,” Andrew wrote. No, they hadn’t.

Gina didn’t respond, but in a cathartic move, took his big T-shirt that she had been sleeping in and drove it over to his house and threw it on his fence. Double Snap.

“Thanks for the tshirt” he wrote hours later.

Gina enjoyed imagining him being stared at by his neighbors as he unhooked his shirt from the fence.
But, in all honesty, she was really letdown and disappointed, because she really did like him.

See, kids, sexting doesn’t pay off. Thank God there’s plenty of beer in Ocktober to drown out those sorrows toolbags.


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